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My LeGuin
A hardline statement made of materials even astronauts and surgeons rely on.
Manufactured using state-of-the-art technology paired with traditional-craftsmanship and unique design.
Developed to meet the ambition of creating the most luxurious eyewear in the world, these handcrafted frames appear to be rather optical instruments than just plain vision aids featuring a screwless hinge made of a high-end shape-memory alloy, aerospace grade titanium, top notch manufacturing standards and a new lens mounting technique that allows rapid changes to any other type of lens (even optically corrected).

Due to these characteristics the temple arms are easily foldable, maintenance-free and will never wear off. There are certainly no glasses in the world that come close to Le Guin’s debut spectacles’ both raw and stringent design with straightforward use of forms. You just cannot go past its high non-standard, flawless and uncompromising appearance.

Oblige those who reach beyond.